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PLOS Article-Level Metrics: a reliable way to measure the influence and reach of research articles.

You’ve published your research. How can you find out whether it’s being downloaded, shared, discussed, referenced, and cited? With Article-Level Metrics (ALM), a comprehensive set of easy-to-understand indicators that track how an article — whether yours or someone else’s — is being read, discussed, and cited. Immediate and up-to-date views let you see the article’s influence and reach. Once you have this information, use it to build your CV, your network, or your career.

Are you maximizing the impact of your research?

With ALM, you can view a collection of real-time impact indicators. Now you can stay up-to-date with the reach and influence of your research, and then share this information with your collaborators, your academic department, and your funders.

Are you finding the research you need?

With real-time recommendation and collaborative filtering systems synchronized to your needs, ALM empower you to navigate and discover the work of others in your field. You are able to access intelligence that reveals new research discoveries and weights the value of information presented in literature from different sources.

Are you benefiting from ALMs throughout the research process?

ALMs impact research:

How can you maximize the impact of your research?

  • Incorporate ALM into your evaluation and navigation activities
  • Feature your ALM in your “live” CV
  • Inform your academic department of the article-level metrics of your research articles
  • Contact other publishers who have published your research and inquire about your article’s metrics on their sites
  • Connect collaborators with their latest ALMs
  • Find collaborators based upon the impact of their work and relevance to yours
  • Download the PLOS ALM postcard and share the value of ALMs in your discussions with collaborators, colleagues, students, and funders
  • Share your ALMs on your public profile pages (institutional/lab page, ResearchGate,, LinkedIn, VIVO, etc.)
  • Share your ALMs with a WordPress ALM widget that displays on your WordPress site
  • Contact us at and tell us how you’ve used ALMs or to share your ideas about measuring the impact of research