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PLOS Article-Level Metrics: adding value for authors, readers, and libraries.

Now you can give authors, readers, and libraries information they require. When you offer Article-Level Metrics (ALM) on research articles, authors have tools to track their research. Readers have tools for browsing and navigating the journal site. Libraries have the information they need to service authors and readers. You have valuable data on the reach of the articles you publish. You can track the dissemination of articles (types of channels, rate of growth, etc.) and use that information in making business decisions.

ALM also provides content distributors valuable data on the downstream impact of publications, and can be rolled-up in various ways depending on custom needs.

Publishers who display Article-Level Metrics include:



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How can a publisher get involved?     

  • Collect and display article-level metrics for the articles you publish
  • Attract authors by offering them analytics of readers’ interest
  • Customize the ALM open source application to your needs and integrate it into your publishing platform
  • Partner with an external data aggregator to collect ALMs on your published articles
  • Petition your platform provider to offer ALMs for each article published
  • Contact PLOS at to join the conversation or to share your views on metrics standards