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PLOS ALM data is freely available for every article published by PLOS in a number of ways:

    1. Customized report of an article or set of articles’ latest ALMs with ALM Reports
    2. Metrics tab on every PLOS article (example: PLOS ONE article, Order in Spontaneous Behavior by Alexander Maye, et al.)
    3. Cumulative, summary spreadsheet of the ALM data for the entire PLOS corpus: 9_10_2014 Cumulative Report with Data Description 
    4. ALM API, which feeds real-time data for the entire ALM data set into your application
    5. ALM widget on your WordPress site displaying real-time ALM data for a customizable set of PLOS articles
    6. Lookup ALM data from the ALM API developer site

Send us more suggestions for more ways we can provide ALM data at