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Methods of digitally disseminating research and scholarly communication continue to evolve. PLOS contributes to the broader “Altmetrics” movement, working to create and establish metrics for analyzing the reach and impact of published research. We are partnering with leaders across academia, publishing, and technology to establish a standardized set of metrics and best practices for collecting, displaying, and using this data.

Altmetrics capture ways in which articles are disseminated throughout in the expanding scholarly ecosystem, and reach beyond the scope of traditional trackers and filters. By monitoring and capturing the imprint of research from the moment of publication as it circulates throughout the community, altmetrics also measures the aggregate impact of the research enterprise itself.

Noteworthy altmetrics tools and services include:



Altmetrics Scholarship:

The PLOS ONE Altmetrics Collection gathers an emerging body of research to seed further study and use of altmetrics. As an ever-growing collection, it aims to continually cover a range of subjects including statistical analysis of altmetrics data sources; metric validation, and identification of biases in measurements; validation of models of scientific discovery/recommendation based on altmetrics; qualitative research describing the scholarly use of online tools and environments; empirically-supported theory guiding altmetrics’ uses; and other research relating to scholarly impact in online tools and environments. The Collection is open for continued submissions across these areas.

Data Analysis and Evaluation:

Since launching ALM in March 2009, a number of different groups and individuals have independently analyzed different aspects of the dataset. Here are some noteworthy projects:

Visit the altmetrics group on Mendeley for more scholarly papers on altmetrics.